The Family

The family forages for food, swimming along the shore. Five children nestle in close to each other while the larger mother and father wade around them, perhaps to protect their young. Bobbing their heads into the water occasionally when they see a tadpole moving close by, they snatch their dinner from the deep, but only take what they need.

Human families used to live in ways similar to this.

Terms of Use

Tree stump in the shape of a human heart, with heartwood literally exposed.

Tim Heartwood is an author and indie publisher of ecofiction. He is also a photographer and artist. Human stories, harmonized with nature.

Tim Heartwood books are available on Kobo. Tim’s debut short stories Just Call it a Burger and The Outlying Mountain came out in 2019, with many more titles coming soon in 2020. Tim’s stories usually include humour, drama, adventure, nature imagery, and substance (perspectives on current environmental issues).

Tim Heartwood Selected Short Stories are available to read online.

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